i have more big news.

first, background story: it all started one late weekday night. my fabulous friend and coworker christie and i were enjoying some delicious dolcot bibimbop at a twenty-four hour joint and we got into one of those life talks. you know how it goes. you are just minding your own business, enjoying yourself, and living in the moment. then (pam the) BLAM. out of nowhere, you are hit with an undeniable and overwhelming feeling that it’s just not enough. i want to do more.

i was able to admit for the first time, to myself or anyone else, that i’ve actually been considering coming back to korea at some point. my countdown is in its homestretch. (one hundred and eleven days left now.) …more on this later…

christie was talking about wanting to travel after her contract is up in october, but not wanting to go it alone and not knowing anyone available at that time. i acknowledged that it was a big regret that i had as well, but i knew how important it was to my family that i come right home after i’m finished in june. this morphed the discussion towards a massive sale on there were a few moments of self-pity before we developed a plan.

by the time we got back to our respective apartments, it must have been one in the morning. we immediately hopped on skype and began plowing through flights like parents reaching for the last tickle me elmo. there was no eminent hurry, but we could not have been more excited. after three hours, many combinations, and a set of surprisingly decisive choices…we had done it.

literally the only words that could escape from our mouths were, “ohmygodohmygodohmygahhhhh.”  we will be spending november and december in:









6 flights…and the last one is a one way. i’m doing massive amounts of research right now, but it looks like i have a good chance of getting a work and holiday visa so hopefully i can wwoof it up down under for a while before potentially coming back to korea. or whatever other opportunity happens to pop up. i love being a choister.

to be continued.


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  1. ashaustrew
    Mar 16, 2011 @ 01:39:19

    That sounds SO utterly, unbelievably amazing. I’m so glad you got your travel mojo back. I can’t wait to either have an adventure of my own, or have the baby be old enough that we can start taking adventures as a family. You’re going to loooove that time in your life. And hey, I know your family and friends will miss you if you decide to go back to Korea, but if it’s what makes you happy, they’ll support you no matter what. Are you still going to be working at that ecovillage? I don’t know why I suck at setting skype dates so much, but email me sometime: I make a much better pen pal lol


    • cultivate.kate
      Mar 16, 2011 @ 10:29:32

      Lady! Thanks for the supportive words. I’m glad too….I was a little worried for a while that I’d lost it completely. But I welcome it’s triumphant return. You are on a whole different kind of exploration and life adventure! Think about where we were 9 months ago and how much has changed for you. Or how much crazier it will be in another 9 months. I can barely fathom it, but I’m beyond ecstatic for you! You are going to make the most thoughtful, wonderful mother and I want to meet your thoughtful, wonderful, well-rounded kid someday! ….because maybe our plans to travel *every* summer have fizzled, but I still fully expect a reunion at some point. Penpals is good for now. 🙂 Also, yes, I’m definitely still going to the ecovillage in July/August. It’s only a temporary position, but I’m reading the book that I’ll be marketing and I’m getting really excited!


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